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Make, share, connect.

The space where creators and those who support them can connect, share opportunities, inspiration and advance their skills or learn new ones.

About knoddo

Knoddo < knot + nōdō, latin (I knot, make knotted, tie in a knot)

Knoddo is a visionary social media platform for creators of any kind, with a purpose to help them tie their own knots within the creative community, creating a network of connection, talent, opportunities and inspiration.

Knoddo was born during the challenging period of 2020, to establish a safe space of inspiration and connection, acting as an enabler for creativity and craftsmanship. Many creators, professionals or not, struggled particularly in these unfortunate times to find connections and opportunities outside their immediate geographical area. 

It is this community we are here for, to foster and strengthen, to see it thrive.

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Our values


We always do the right thing. We embrace candor. We make data-driven decisions.


We respect and have trust in each other and our intentions. We treat everyone as they would like to be treated.

Positive Impact

We are committed to supporting the society and the environment. We work for a sustainable future, where culture can thrive and our every action counts.


We have creativity at our heart. We nurture and support new ideas, strive for innovation and use technology as a force of good. We value craftsmanship at any level.


We act like owners and accept accountability for our actions.


We are inclusive and thrive on diverse views. We create a safe space where each and every one feels they belong.

Our vision

We want to make a strong knot, connecting creators, building a community where everyone has a chance to expose their talents.

Our team